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A Little Introduction

Here is a picture of us on the 4th of July exploring Monte S’Ant Angelo in the evening. Beautiful.

Hi, My name is Emily Davis. I’ve been blogging since 2006. My original blogs started as a way to communicate with my husband and daddy, who were both in Iraq at the same time. It was easier for them to read a blog post and download pictures than it was for me to email them — according to them.

I’ve blogged about Faith, Family, Finances, Homeschooling, Papercrafting. I’ve tried various blog platforms. And I just feel like Word Press is going to be the best fit. Not because I know what I am doing. But because I feel called to have a fresh start.

I am planning to combine my crafting and my writing on the same blog – because y’all, at 55, I’m not doing two separate blogs anymore. Over time, I will move blog posts to this blog – mostly book reviews and other favorite posts.

Let me tell you real quickly about our past three years or so. In this time span, my parents both passed away. I had three major surgeries. My husband and so also had one surgery each. And you want to hear something funny – we all had our left ankles operated on. HA! We sold our big house (it actually sold three days after I had surgery on both legs) and we moved into a rental so we could find a place. We had to sign a year lease… and literally got called to move to Naples, Italy in support of the Navy – where we have been for 11 months and three weeks — it will be a year August 2nd. We transitioned our youngest son into DODEA School from homeschool. And in it all, I’ve lost me – my identity and my mind.

Italy has been very challenging for many reasons, some of which will be blog posts. It’s also brought be closer to the Lord, through a series of – there’s no where left but God – moments. And you know what, I feel like we are right where we are supposed to be.

Many friends have said – “Emily, why aren’t you blogging?” Well, it’s because I feel like I’m all over the place emotionally and mentally. And I don’t know how to put it all out there without sounding crazy! And so – I’m sifting through the thoughts and organizing them.

I am busy walking out of the depression I’ve been in, and getting my home and finances and everything else organized. I have stories to tell and advice to give. I have palpable stories about conversations with God…. and I hope to start blogging about our travels and travails very soon.

Until then, pray for me, as I will be praying for you.


Lady Em

2 thoughts on “A Little Introduction

  1. Hi I love reading your posts They are so down to earth and reflect real life I am a widow of 5 years in my sixties and have 6 beautiful children and 18 grandchildren My son and his wife are in Italy serving in air force He said he will look up your blog God bless you and thanks for sharing your life with us

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m just switching blog platforms to WordPress. God bless you. If they are in Naples and need anything, please have them contact me.


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