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Kitchen Survival Workshop – You NEED THIS

Dear Ones, I feel like I should say this…

“Hi, My Name is Emily Davis (LadyEm) and I am an organization Freak.” Until I moved here and completely forgot how to function. I wish I was joking about that.

Anyway – I love Jessica Fisher OF GoodCheapEats.com and LifeasMom.com. If you don’t know her story or follow any of her blogs, you really should. She’s also on FB. I started with her in I think 2008 doing Pantry Challenges (be on the lookout for that within the next six months) and I just love her style. But I am an arrogant know-it-all from time to time, and y’all, I “didn’t need” to plan for breakfast and lunch, I just planned for dinner. Um – Dear Emily – that’s not how it works!

So – you’ll be shocked if I tell you I am a perfectionist at heart. It’s such a sin y’all… because there is NO SUCH THING as perfect. However, I’ve learned to give myself grace and that it’s ok to step up my game. Right? Anywhooooo… I have been flailing for the past year… you may have seen me flailing as I did it with all the verve of a car dealership blow up guy. HA And then I was reminded about the Kitchen Survival Workshop. So exciting y’all. There are lists, and homework – every organized mamas dream. But there is also solid advice and tried&true recipes. Frugal and healthy and make-sense.

If you need:

  • to get organized in your kitchen.
  • help with meal plans and meal prep.
  • to remember that YOU are important.
  • to improve your grocery budget.
  • learn to BUDGET YOUR TIME! That was mind blowing to me.
  • be supported by a group.
  • … and much more (because everyone is different).

    You need to look into this class!

Once you take the class, we can compare notes. I hope you do!

As always, I’m Praying for you all! 
And if you want me to pray specifically for an intention, leave me a comment. 
Love, Hugs & Blessings,

Lady Em

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Survival Workshop – You NEED THIS

  1. I need all this! Especially, budgeting my time. I am working on “block scheduling.” Well…I have been “thinking” about it!! That’s a start…right?? So hard for this momma who loves to run down bunny trails going from here to there and everywhere:) So good to remember we are not perfect..but there is always room to improve and to live more purposeful with the hours we have in our day (I am thinking of me, my lack of focus, and bunny trails!). Psalm tells us “TEACH us to number our days.” I try to remember this. That I am not perfect and I do need to be teachable in making my hours purposeful..especially with our home school. Hugs Em!! Keep em’ coming!!


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