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Granny Talks
Installment 1

Y’all I tried to do a live Instagram video today – Oh my word, it’s hysterical. HAHA
So, I decided to use my phone and just upload it. I thought I’d share it here too.

First of all – I need to know what app to use to video and edit and what equipment to use, etc… because clearly this lady in her mid-50’s is way behind the curve. WAY BEHIND.

So in honor of my being in my mid-50’s and wanting to help others, I thought I’d give some unsolicited advice. I think I will do them regularly. You know – because I can. HA

Also – I don’t know what TED Talks are, but I say – Granny is the new Ted. You’re welcome.

Y’all gave a great rest of your day.

Love, Hugs & Many Blessings!
Lady EmG

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