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Mark 16:9-15 Gospel Reflection

Dear Ones,

I hope this post finds you well. I’m having trouble finding my blogging voice during this Pandemic. LOL I mean – Pretend I know what day it is… and pretend today is April 18th? Sigh.

Today is day 54 of quarantine for me. I’ve lost track of days, my brain and many other things. Lol sigh. I need to give an update on how we are doing and I will soon.

For now though, please check out my Gospel Reflection over at Catholicmom.com from Yesterday, April 18th. LOL

It’s one of my favorite stories about Jesus rebuking the Apostles who didn’t know who he was.

Here is a A little snippet of my post:

And as I bow my head in shame, it occurs to me…how many times has God called on me, and I did not hear Him? How many times has God tried to teach me a lesson that I did not learn the first time? How many times has God tried to comfort you and you did know Him? 

God is with us in every flower, friend, sunset, stranger’s smile, in every sweet memory. He is with us. He will never leave us, even if we don’t see Him. God always keeps His word.

I hope you like the post. I really love sharing my love for the Gospels. Also – and funny enough, I’ve been posting videos updates on Monday. It helps my family and friends at home to see that I am ok. Only this week, I posted it on Wednesday. I am telling you my brain is clueless of what day it is. Sigh. I do mention the Gospel in Luke, where Jesus was walking with the two Apostles on the way to Emmaus, and they had no idea who He was. Sigh. So much like our humanity. Anyway – I do share my videos on my blog page on FB. Here is this week’s update/video.

I am off to bed because it’s late in Italy. I will be back to blab your heads off soon.
I promise you I have lots of ideas.

Love and Hugs to all.

2 thoughts on “Mark 16:9-15 Gospel Reflection

  1. Oh Em! I can relate! I have honestly been a mess, lost, and floating through the days…. Other than my homeschool hours. It wasn’t until maybe three days ago I had to write out my days and be more purposeful! I literally had to write “5:45 quite time, 6 yoga, 6:30 shower…” I mean…. I have gotten to the point of making sure I get a shower!? How crazy is that?!? I am on 41 days of being home. I would say this is perfect for the introvert in me, except, I really miss Mass (in person) and the few people I get a squeeze from. He has been so faithful to help us to see where our true priorities live and ultimately should be.. Where we should strive to have them. My prayers go out to everyone, especially those who are forgotten and those most vulnerable to neglect and abuse during quarantine. My heart hurts for everyone, though, I pray we will all see something holy and good and to find a way to be used during this time and always for the betterment of others around us. Love you Em! Miss you! Continued prayers for you and your family! Keep sharing, sister!


    1. Thank you so much Dear Friend.
      I agree, praying for all the lonely and neglected, etc. So scary. Hugs and blessings.
      Love you!


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