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Can We Talk…

Dear Ones,

It’s hard to be honest all the time. You may be thinking “say – WHAT?”
But I’m serious.

I come from a generation who was raised to make everything sound good. And I feel like I can’t be honest, or I may lose the three readers of my blog – but y’all… I’m gonna come clean…

Y’all, after years of battling demons, brought on by childhood and some life-long trauma, I realized through a couple of good doctor, that I have work to do to get healthy – Not just “oh I have work to do”, but actually DOING the work.

I really am hoping to blog more. I really am hoping to craft more. But I am currently and uncomfortably concentrating on me. God is really working with me too. I’m so thankful.

If my falling off the face of the earth hurt you, please forgive me. I promise you, the few friends I have who follow or comment, I pray for you and think of you daily. I miss you all and I’m so sorry.

Please do check back. I do have a lot to say.

Love hugs & blessings,

7 thoughts on “Can We Talk…

  1. Truth! Our generation has been conditioned to be too polite….at the expense of our own boundaries. Keep working on yourself! Keep growing into you Em! You got this, because HE has YOU. Bless your journey! P.S. I hope it brings you some kind of comfort to know that I have been actively working on myself for the last three years …it has been somewhat isolating, lonely, and I found out how few friends I truly had….it has also been the most liberating, freeing experience that has broken bondage and bringing me closer to my authentic true self. Bless you!


  2. P.s. I hope you are ok. And if you’re not ok, I hope you are ok with not being ok. I’m always here for you. I always have been. Prayers all around ❤️


  3. We all have “work to do” in some form or another and sometimes that means having to “disappear” for a while. You have the love and support of friends and family who will be waiting and walking with you. You are never alone, you have God, friends and family


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