About LadyEm’s Family

This is my little family!

Marque and I are Roman Catholic Converts. Christopher is a life-long Catholic.

About me?

Hi, my name is Emily, but my nickname is LadyEm. That is the moniker I choose for social media. Here are words I use to describe me… 50-something. Catholic. Wife. Mama. Grandma. Papercrafter. Volunteer. Friend. Writer. Faith Influencer. I had a great career as a Trade Show Manager, Director of Special Events and an Executive Assistant.  I met my husband late in life… I carried my one child to term at 40. He was almost my 40th birthday present.  

Did you notice that LATE trend? It’s a wonder I don’t just start over, I’m always late it seems.

My Blog is about…

  • Catholic Faith prayer life, liturgical things, book reviews
  • Crafting/Catholic Bible Journaling
  • Being a 50-Something Mom/Parenting
  • Home – Organizing, Budgeting, etc
  • Living in Italy
  • Politics
July 1999

This is a picture of Marque and I on our wedding day (I’ll insert it soon). It will forever be one of my most favorite pictures of us. We were so happy that day and though our marriage is peaks & valleys like everyone’s is… I can say, with confidence, we are as happy today.
I am currently on a break from teaching CCD. I taught 3rd Grade CCD for over 10 years. My husband taught with me for the past four years. Every few years I take a break because it refuels us.
I am also not volunteering for the USO as I am the PTSA President (Lord help me).
Marque has three grown children that he graciously shares with me. We also have three precious grandson’s and we adore them.

Marque took a job in the Naples Italy area in 2018. It has been difficult with the pandemic, but we are blessed and we have learned so much about US – together and individually.

I hope you will stick around and tell me about you. I’d love to get to know you.

Hugs & Blessings,
Lady Em