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Ahhhh Lent, Easter & Crafting

Dear Sweet Readers…
I hope your Lent was awesome. I’m not going to say I did everything I wanted to do… read everything I wanted to… but I will say this – I feel like penances naturally showed themselves. I prayed and prayed this Lent. For me, it was good. I’m not beating myself up about what I didn’t do…but what I did.

Retreat: I went on a Catholic Women’s Retreat to ASSISI. I will tell you about it in a separate post because it’s really a comfort zone thing.

Visitors: During Lent, my friends since 1986 came to visit. Wendy (like me later this year) turned 60 in March. We had an amazing few days and laughed so hard. We walked and visited various historical places. We stayed in a beautiful place in Vietri Sul Mare… and we went to local grocers and played with our food. LOL There was a stripper pole involved… because it was in a hotel room rented… but it was just silliness… LOL I can not tell you how good for my soul their visit was. Finally got to meet Wendy’s girls and we faced time Aunt Fran & Uncle Phil.

Here are a few pics:

Easter: These firsts without Christopher here are not easy. He spent time in Texas with our friends Kelly & Roger and Kelly’s whole family who have known him since he was two. Sigh. Marque and I cooked for a few of the Meatless Friday PotLucks at Church, we went to Mass and just kind of did our thing. I have to say this new Priest here has done amazing things with the Mass. It’s so much more reverent. Thanks be to GOD!

After the Easter Vigil Marque and I went for Sushi. And Easter Sunday we hosted neighbors (from our first house here). We did not take one pic on Sunday – but here are some from Sushi (which we tortured our son with):

Lastly we did a bunch of gardening as we start our improvements to our little apartment to make it feel more like a home – will upload pics to a different post. And I started crafting again… I’m even stepping out of my comfort zone to get a card group started with local MIL Spouses.

Stay tuned for more posts soon. I’m trying to decide a rhythm for my blog… a good balance of all the topics I would like to speak on, crafting, Catholic Historical places we’ve visited, etc. Pray for me as I do you.

Continued Love, Hugs & Blessings this Easter Season,