Making Cookies — Catching Up With Posts

Happy Saturday All!

What better to talk about on a Saturday than making cookies.  In case you didn’t know it, I’m not just a paper crafter. I’m branching out. ❤

First, my favorite sugar cookie recipe I’ve found is from Lila Loa — Vanilla Sugar Cookie 2.0. There are others that are good, like Sweet Sugar Belle’s Basic Sugar Cookies and others. BUT this one, I just like the best personally.

I use Sweetopia.net’s Royal Icing Recipe, except I add 1 tsp of Vanilla.

My favorite Sprinkle Shop – Sweet Treat Stencils. Seriously y’all. SO DANG CUTE! I don’t use the stencils because I’m not that fancy… when you look below, you’ll see.

For the past couple years, I have taken cookie decorating lessons. If I had to say something was lacking from the lessons it was how to set up for decorating. What do I mean? Well… it’s much different when you go to class and the icing is the correct consistency and the tips and bags and everything else is there for you THAN when you have to guess how thick or thin the icing must be. Sigh. AND if you know that you are doing something in advance and still wait till the last minute, it’s NOT good where royal icing decorating is concerned.

And so, I have much to learn, BUT I thought I’d share my Texas Mardi Gras Cookies.  In progress… They turned out fairly decent.

These are part of what I baked for Christmas to give to various docs, the boy’s guitar teacher, and a neighbor too.

This rack, in my little kitchen – it made it all possible y’all. It holds 8 baking trays, and it helped me when baking, drying, etc. LOVE!

These are the cookies I decorated:

And these are the trays of goodies:

I could never do this for a living y’all. I’m too OCD. But if I could get more organized and learn more.. I could do it more often for friends and for special occasions.
Have a great Saturday All!
Hugs & Blessings,

Mother’s Day Treats…

Hello ladies!
Homeschooling has blessed me with many friends. One of which has her own bakery. Since November, I’ve been taking decorating classes. Well, I missed the first one, and took my first one before Christmas.

If you live in the DFW-Area, please “like” the Tiny Kitchen Cakery on FaceBook. She is taking the summer off for classes, etc. but has promised to start up in the Fall. Also, her husband is a wounded Vet. Please keep them in your prayers. The Gary Sinise Foundation is righting a wrong for them and they are getting a new home, back out in McKinney (bummer for Ft. Worth).  Lovely people. Sigh.

On behalf of Mother’s Day, though mine has passed, I took a couple decorating classes – FOR ME! Yep! Last week, I took two classes. One was my third cookie decorating class, where we did these sweet Mother’s Day cookies.  Never mind the imperfections, it’s two hours with women, decorating cookies. And whilst my husband travels, I need time with people other than my child.  The cool thing was that when I got home, our neighbors were out with their new baby girl and I got to share cookies with others…. oh, and my son as well.

Two days later, I went back to her home for a cupcake decorating class. I was literally hyperventilating at the thought of doing these flowers. And it was so much fun. Ok – not as easy as cookies, for real…. but – fun, none-the-less.

The white ones are mums (don’t judge, it was my first try). The light pink are peonies. The darker pink are roses.

Fashioning them into a bouquet was a hoot and a half. Oh my goodness.  First the cake part was soft. Second, the toothpicks were hard to get into the foam. Third, we had to poke holes in the bottom of the wrappers… and the wrappers came loose (note the peony on the left). Sigh.  Mental note, if I had to do it again, I’d have used a paper piercer. Great tool for poking. 

Lastly, we added “greenery” onto the bouquet. Um, as you can see from the errant wrapper peony, it also served to disguise mistakes. YAY!
Listen, you really should take a few classes. If not from Megan @ Tiny Kitchen Cakery, from someone near you. With the right teacher, it can be so fulfilling/rewarding.
That evening, I took these to my friend Kelly’s house. Her family loved them… flaws and all.
I want to take this time to wish all of my friends who are mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, etc… Happy Mother’s Day!  I look to Mary for guidance as I know many of you do. May we all strive to be more like her in our mothering and daily lives.