Catholic Sites I love….

Updating…. – Feb 2021

I know that we have a lot of choice of where we find our information. In faith, it is no different. I am sure there are many more sites. If you know of them, link them up and I will check them out.

But for now, here are some favorites:

About Our Faith:

Catholic Foodies:

Catholic Homeschool Sites:

Catholic Moms/Women:

Also – check out my blogrolls for more.

Book Reviews or Book Stores:

For Your Computer:

Catholic Gadget

Catholic Homeschooling:

For Kids:

Online Stores:

My Favorite Catholic Veil (Headcovering) Shops:

My Favorite Rosary Shops:

5 thoughts on “Catholic Sites I love….

  1. Emily,

    So glad I found you on Catholic Mom Cafe….I am going to stop back for all the great resources…and will be trying to post one every Thursday on my blog, in Facebook group, Twitter, Pinterest, Path and anywhere else I can think of 🙂


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