Bible Journal Page – Brusho & SweetNSassy Stamps

Happy Wednesday All,

How’ve you been this past year? 12 years ago when I started my original craft blog and was so active on Design Teams, or as a guest designer for folks, it never occurred to me that it would be a year between blog posts. SIGH!

A lot has happened in the last year. Ready? Put your hands in the air, it’s quite the ride:

Fall of 2016, my father passed. It was quite a blow.
Late January 2017 I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
Late June 2017, I had surgery on my right foot (big toe joint replacement) and we tossed in the repair and clean out of my left ankle.  Apparently I’d fractured it without knowing and there were pieces floating about and bone spurs and arthritis… And I was just walking around on it with no clue.
But wait… less than a week after surgery we got an offer on our home AND they wanted a less-than 30 days move in. Me + surgical boots + packing a home. I nearly lost my mind. OK – I lost it and found it later. But still.
We moved from a 3000 sf home to a 1500 sf rental. I don’t mind the size, but never rent from American Home 4 Rent. Abhorrent service and care for their homes. You can message me if you need more detail on that.
In December, just as my sanity was coming back, my husband had reconstruction on his ankle.

All of the above, PLUS homeschooling, volunteering and everything else I do… and I didn’t blog. I’m so sorry. I have made a lot of things and colored things… and so, I’m gonna blog more this year. It’s HAPPENING!

Don’t you love it when you go through a ton and God brings you to the other side?  I do.


About three years ago, I started a Catholic Women’s Bible Journaling Group (yes, we let other faiths in). One of my favorite stamp companies, SweetnSassy Stamps, in addition to being Christian Owned and Christian in Nature as a company, they have a whole line of Creative Worship (Bible Journal) stamps. These make beautiful cards and scrapbook pages too. Check out their blog: Creative Worship. I dare you not to be inspired. ❤

I recently challenged myself to Journal at least once in each book of the Bible this year.  In this page, I used the My Creator Stamp Set to make this.

Additionally, I used:

This is an older Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible. AND the My Creator Stamp Set.

First I chose the page. Then I put sheets made out of THESE MATS between the pages. I cut these down to fit better in the Bible. I put white Gesso over the part of the page I wanted to use. In fact, because I’d never used water-coloring in the Bible, I used the Gesso on both sides of the page.
I then dried the Gesso with heating tool. Once it was all the way dry, I inked up the large image with Versamark and put on the white embossing powder. Then I heated it with the heat embossing tool. And this is what it looked like.
Please watch the videos on Brusho Watercolor Crystals. And you will know what I mean that I sprinkled the page with Brusho Crystals. Here, I used green, yellow and orange. I dried it with the heating tool and dabbed it with Kleenex.

Then I used some blue and did the same.
Here is a lovely shot of my desk. LOL Messy Bessy!

 And this is my final page. I used a few of the other stamps after it was all dry and went through the embossing process (Versamark, embossing powder, and heat). Now, let me be honest. If you look at the word Universe, you can see it wasn’t totally dry (dangit)… sooooo that is where the Washi Tape idea came from. That, my dears is covering up a huge blob. But hey, it’s a pretty way to Bible Journal and I learned a lot.

I hope you like this.
I’ll be back soon. I promise.
Love, Hugs, & Blessings,
Lady Em

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