Marian Peg Swap – My Peg Dolls

Happy Wednesday All!

A few months ago, I found a FaceBook page called Catholic Peg Swaps. If you don’t know what a Peg Doll is, you really should Google it, or check out Etsy or Pinterest. So much information on how to paint them out there (yes, I will post a couple links).  Here are a few that are sitting on the shelf in our classroom/office/craft room:

Pegs from a swap in 2014. So much fun!

I first came across wooden peg Saints when I was looking for unique First holy Communion gifts for my son. I found them on Etsy at Saint Anne’s Studio. They were $26 back then, and now they are $48. For most of us, it’s way less expensive to paint them ourselves and because of that – swaps were born.

How do people use them? For me, they sit on my shelf at home. But if I had littles, I’d imagine they would play with them.  One of the ladies in the Catholic Peg Swap group posted this picture. She puts the Saint of the Day in this, and I love this idea – What a great way to learn about and celebrate our beautiful Saints.

Lacy @ Catholic Icing, has created printable skins for creating Saint Peg Dolls – HERE. She has also written a great post titled Playing with Saint Peg Dolls – What to Do, How to Store, and More.
Monica @ Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families has several blog posts about Painting and Playing With Saint Peg Dolls – HERE

Anyway – I am especially devoted to Our Blessed Mother. As many of you know, I did not have a mother in the home for most of my life, and I adore Her because She is My Mother. Thank you Lord! Well, I found a Marian Peg Swap. In this swap, I painted two pegs. Our Lady of Loreto and Our Lady of Rosa Mystica (click on the names to find links about them). Here are my pegs:

Our Lady of Loreto:


In the above picture, I painted all the pegs a buttermilk yellow color, and the heads a chocolate brown. Then, I created a template from acetate, and cut it out with a cutter blade. I traced this onto each doll. I then drew a line around her and painted on her veil, and the gold accents are a paint pen. This got tricky a couple times and the paint went everywhere, but luckily mostly came off with water and was re-touchable.

My sweet husband painted the crowns gold with spray paint. AND we had to spray seal this doll, then modpodge her because when we used Minwax Poly Sealant, the gold ran EVERYWHERE! I was so thankful we only tried it with a baby Jesus and it that we had extra pegs. Sigh. What a mess.

The below picture is how she turned out (except that I ran out of time and the dolls for the swap have a solid blue veil).

Our Lady Rosa Mystica:
The below collage is the progression of Our Lady Rosa Mystica.  First I painted one doll, and then I used her to paint the others from. You can see the small colorful tools in the lower left picture, those have different size balls on the ends and they are great for detailing these pegs. Essential for the Roses and The Rosary!
Since I mentioned it, I bought mine on eBay, but you can buy a nail painting kit many places. Here is the kit I have: Nail Painting Kit
This is Our lady in her final form:

I had so much fun painting them! I mean, sure I was sick and ended up doing them all in less than a week. But in the end, they are done and I can not wait to receive all 40 (plus baby Jesus) back so that I can add to my Peg Shelf!

I hope you have enjoyed this post.
Please search on YouTube and Google for peg painting and join us at the Catholic Peg Doll Swap page!

Hugs & Blessings,

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