Davis Family

Importing Old Blog Posts

Dear Ones,

I am SCARILY not technical. So I am importing (thank you You Tube) posts from my older blogs. I will likely go through and delete some older posts and recategorize, etc.

I am going to try (insert hysterical laughter here) to post craft posts a few days/week and Catholic Mom posts the rest of the time. I hope to work with someone soon that makes the blog more focused and less quirky (aka all over the place). I am the kind of person who has been through a lot… and it’s been a great benefit to me in life. But it can make me look scatter-brained if I’m not careful as I post about too many things.

I don’t ever want the blog to be methodical, however focused is good and needed. The thing is, I had a craft blog and a family blog. But I don’t homeschool anymore and my identity is changing AND I don’t know if I want two separate blogs.


Y’all have a happy and blessed Monday.

Love and hugs,

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